Pro Excavations & Plant Hire provides a range of services and plant hire with rates based on per cubic metre, per tonne, per hour or as a fixed project price. For more information and a quote, contact (link to Contact Us) the team today.


Excavator 1-2 Tonne 3-4 Tonne 5-6 Tonne 7-8 Tonne 10-13 Tonne
Type of Hire
Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Dry
Rate Per Hour
70 20 75 25 78 28 85 35 95 45
Hammer rate per hour 8 10 12 14 16

Please call for a quote….

Discounts will apply for weekly and monthly hire

Pleasse note: Minimum hire of 8 hours

Float charges will apply

Pro Excavations & Plant Hire Conditions

Wet hire:

Experienced operator, Fuels, etc will be provided with excavator

Dry hire:

Excavator hired on its own with no operator, Fuels, etc”

Combination Hire:

Available with machine and trucks, wet or dry hire.


At least 2 hours advance notice of cancellation is required or a travel charge will apply.


If already on-site a minimum charge of 4 hours hire will apply.


Where jobs are carried over for more than one day, we reserve the right to charge float fees for each day if the machine cannot be parked securely or legally on-site.


Public holidays, Sundays & night work: $30.00 p/hour surchar


Size 2-3 Tonne 8 Tonne Bogie Truck & Dog
Rates per hour
$65 $80 $90 $120

Minimum 6 hours charge